Important Information

Yes, like always it WILL break your site. (it probably won’t but i’m just sayin; it has a high chance on custom edited sites)  – No CSS entities were changed, just major CSS changes themselves to do the auto-layout-width sliders in the customizer.   Do not update unless you have time to kill to go to the customizer and get it looking just right for yourself.   (check out service pricing post if you need help, first two options are free)


More customizer options including site width slider and sidebar sliders to change widths on the fly.
Support for Zappbar (beta) which makes your site responsive and mobile friendly
The return of Moods

(comic easel)
Landing pages for locations and characters that can be associated with individual pages you create. (yay)


= 4.3 =
* re-added: widget “posts calender”
* reworked: all ComicPress options pages
* fixed: problems with costumizer layout and header
* fixed: some little errors in widget “classic bookmark”
* removed: widget “google translaor”
* wp_title filter removed and now using WordPress’s default one
* layout is controlled in the customizer now
* templates for individual character and location for comic easel users landing pages added
* author pages restyled
* tons and tons of CSS changes, no elements were renamed mainly colorizations, margin’s removed etc.
* adjustable site width & sidebars in the customizer
* zappbar support for responsive, mobile friendly comicpress
* added layout options to the costumizer
* added locations taxonomy template, for comic easel, for custom location pages
* added new CSS requirements for theme review team for screen readers
* added theme_support(‘title_tag’) per requirements of theme review team
* re-added Post/Comic “Moods” for github version
* re-added blog.php template for github version
* changed HTML 5 compliancy for posts footer, header
* changed custom-header.php fixes to remove the option to remove header text
* changed widgets/ section now uses get_template_part so you can overwrite widgets/* files in the child theme
* changed functions/ section now uses get_template_part so you can overwrite functions/* files in the child theme
* changed author page Date of registration displayed now translated and with the date format of WP Settings
* changed author page layout for contact infos
* changed minor CSS Styles
* updated instant.js to v2.4
* updated cvi_text_lib.js to 1.03
* updated screenshot 880×660 per requirements of theme review team
* updated german translation
* fixed various js errors
* fixed the widgets for PHP 5.4 minimal to remove deprecated notices
* revamped the customizer
* moved above-blog sidebar location
* removed tab layout in comicpress options
* removed all CSS styling for the dropdown selectors
* removed comicpress_themeinfo(‘data’) calls that overlap standard WordPress ones
* removed archive-year template for posts
* about 100+ more things I can’t think of off the top of my head but they all relate to making all the other changes work right

So yeah, ComicPress 4.3  .. an absolute TON of work went into it and I had some backup this time with kniebremser keeping me on my toes making sure I didn’t mess something up that would break something else.

If you want it before it gets onto the WordPress repository, you can get it here:

– Phil