1.  The site’s width and layout are all fudged up, it stretches across the browser –

A) Check to make sure you don’t have multiple copies of comicpress in your themes directory, this happens when it runs the old customizer from the old copy instead of the new one it should be; alternatively it could be a bad copy from the WordPress.org servers as well – but highly unlikely.

2.  The sidebar is falling below the content area

A) Make sure your child theme doesn’t have any set widths inside of it, if it does adjust accordingly OR check your browser to make sure you’re at 100% and not zoomed.  (Alternatively your browser may be cache’ing an old copy of the style.css so refresh – without – cache in your browser or wait it out.

3.  Can’t set any colors in the customizer.

A) You’re data array is messed up, go to appearance -> comicpress options and click the reset customizer colors button at the bottom and start over,   this happens if you were using ver 4.0/1 and jumped straight to 4.3