Bad things:

  • All of the forum posts were lost.
  • Your password was reset (but you can request to make a new one)
  • When your current subscription ends it will not auto-renew you have to resubscribe. (make sure your current auto-renew is disabled with paypal)

New Features (members only):

  • Add your webcomic to the webcomic list.
  • A comic section for posting members theme comics based on the holidays and whatever is decided on
  • Publish articles on your own, yeah create a post yes you, you can do it. (goes through review before being published)
  • New Forum section
  • Webcomic list allows for user interactive ratings from members only.

In the future:

  • Event Calendar (member editable)
  • Wiki Sections
  • How to faqs section for all aspects of webcomics that are member-editable
  • Since it’s not hosted on SquareSpace features can be added at anytime

This was a lot of fun to create.   I decided against going with a responsive theme because honestly I am not entirely fond of them, instead we’re using a mobile replacement theme that replaces the site for mobile devices.    More then 200 hours of work went into working on this site;  using ComicPress too!  (yeah i’m biased)  – with a child theme, there were only minor modifications to the style and theme files which are all based in the child theme; so you can see that the new ComicPress can do quite a bit.

Doing this project I grew in skills with importing data from .xml files from SquareSpace to WordPress, writing code to attribute posts images and accounts.    Some of the things I need to do in the future is to separate the webcomic list and make it it’s own plugin instead of embedding it in the child theme.   I also still need to learn how to create style sheets for the editor area inside the wp-admin so that it matches what’s on the post section.

Hope you like it, if you don’t make sure you write me a message (either way) on what your thoughts are; as well if you want new features available.

– Phil