1. Ajax Thumbnail Rebuild
    • This plugin allows you to rebuild all of your media library images.  If you want to change their dimensions you can change them within the wp-admin -> settings -> media area.   Because of the way it works with the Ajax it will not burden your hosting.  Do not use if you also use the post thumbnail editor that is listed below.
  2. Akismet
    • The #1 (number one,  NOT hashtag one) anti-comment-spam tool available for WordPress.   It’s bundled with WordPress,  enough said.
  3. CodeStyling Localization
    • Translate anything in WordPress to another language and generate your own .pot / .mo files – never have to stress about finding plugins and themes that are in the language that you want.
  4. Convert Post Types
    • Let’s face it, custom post types have a huge impact in plugins;  Converting those posts that are set into a specific post type into a different one or back to posts is sometimes necessary.
  5. Custom Post Type Permalinks
    • Want to design a special look for your custom post type’s permalinks?  This plugin allows the end user to create their own style that they like.   The only drawback is that it will do it for all custom post types you have and you can’t disable it not doing it for some that you don’t want to have changed.  (ref: bbpress)
  6. Easy Google Fonts
    • A very nice way to implement fonts to elements on your site; it does all of the work for you and even adds it to the WordPress customizer.   You can add more control css element font sections by using the settings -> google fonts area.
  7. Google Analyticator
    • This plugin is the king of adding Google Analytics to your site.   Easy to use interface with a great dashboard visual.
  8. Jetpack
    • Speaking of king of plugins.   Jetpack is a must have due to all of the modules that it has inside;  It’s backed by Automattic so you know it’s written and kept up to date.    There’s really just too much it can do to list.
  9. Jetpack Mobile Theme Featured Images
    • ^ Nevermind that Jetpack has a great Mobile theme available inside of it, it’s missing some core features so extra plugins help.   This one allows the mobile theme to display the featured images of posts.
  10. Marketpress (lite)
    • The best way to sell items online, it’s so easy to use.   The lite version (non-pay) has the paypal integration ready and waiting for you to start making some cash.  The problem with buying the pro version is that it’s too damn expensive and you have to resubscribe and spend even more money for any updates, so stick with the lite version.
  11. Post Thumbnail Editor
    • By Default the thumbnails generated when you add an image to the media library create a central box view of an area of your image as the thumbnail, .. it crops it and you have no control over what is displayed as that thumbnail.   With this plugin it adds the ability to crop your own thumbnails the way that you want.
  12. Syntax Highlighter
    • Some of us can code, some can’t; this is for those who can.   The syntax highlighter allows you to make a nice representation out of how the code is displayed in your post.
  13. Wordfence Security
    • Scan (and auto scan) your WordPress installation for hacks, problematic code and other issues as well as inform you of everything happening on your site; login wise or otherwise.   Worth it.
  14. WP-Supercache / W3 Total Cache
    • Being able to output your page as fast as you can to the end user is important, cache that puppy up.   Only use W3 Total Cache if your hosting can support it’s plethora of features; otherwise it might actually be a hindrance.
  15. Yoast SEO
    • I care not about SEO but to those who do, ^ use Yoast and no other.   The “other” ones put too much of a load on your server, this one doesn’t.