Having spent much of her life growing up in the secluded mountainous regions of Eastern Europe during the Dark Ages, adapting properly to modern society has been no easy feat for Lady Vigana. Her skill with a blade is matched only by the most seasoned of warriors, and her dexterity in unarmed combat is something of marvel. For this, her reputation had preceded her, little to her knowledge. One fateful night would change her life of blissful solitude forever; for it was on such a night that she would lay down her humanity, to begin her life anew — as a vampire (and consequently, become the descendant of an ancient royal bloodline). An intense struggle for her crown divulged, and amidst the chaos, she was taken prisoner by those unworthy of the royal family to be forced into a ritualistic coronation, upon which she would be executed thereafter. Only then could they have right to her throne… which she wanted nothing of in the first place! Much to her dismay, a great battle unfolded between her allies who sought to rescue her, and the family of antediluvian vampires who sought to shroud the world in darkness with their supposed future empire. The bloody battle was fruitless for both sides, and in a spiteful last effort made by the remaining of the family, a spell was cast that forced Vigana into a deep sleep that lasted many hundreds of years. Upon her awakening in a nondescript city, she fell in with the mob and began work as a professional assassin. Suffice to say, she can never hope to rekindle her old life; ergo, she is perpetually jaded.

WebComic: Wayward Fall

Artist:  Taversia

TAVERSIA has had a passion for comics ever since she was a wee child. She loves to draw and write as both a hobby and a profession, and in her free time she enjoys playing video games, watching movies, listening to music, role playing… pretty much anything to garner inspiration for her works. All in all, she is more or less your standard nerdy redheaded glasses-wearing geek of the female persuasion! Her ongoing side projects include web design, managing and maintaining her websites, producing pixel art for freelance computer games, and voice acting for a medley of other various and relatively unknown artistic endeavors.