Gwen Wu,  Daughter of a genius, little sister of a triad boss-Gwen Wu was a normal girl–once. These days she”s cold, remorseless and, quite frankly, completely insane. In succession,  Her father found himself on the wrong end of an attack by psonically powered meta-humans who broke into their home and tortured him until he became a mental vegetable. When the metas began banding together, they set their sights on the turf controlled by the various normal gangs and factions throughout the city, including the triads. Her brother was gunned down as a consequence of this, when his own people betrayed him, hoping to get in on the ground floor of this “revolution”. Gwen shut down, grew cold–distant.  Whoever she used to be, everything she was, everything she loved, was gone. Dead. In response, her psyche fractured, splitting into two separate personalities within her subconscious. One, her normal self and her normal failings. She thinks, she feels, she gets afraid. Her other self is a loud mouthed, confrontational, impulsive and incredibly violent. The two sides often conflict with one another, but both sides agree on one thing: REVENGE. Oh, and to fulfill a death wish she may or may not actually have. (She does)

WebComic: Riot and Fade Out

Artist: Sketch Sanchez

SKETCH SANCHEZ was born and raised in NYC and can still be sighted within the city limits from time to time. He’s been drawing and creating comics since he was but a small child, only these days he’s traded in spiral note books for the world wide web.  He draws comics “the marvel way” but is largely self taught.  RIOT and Fade-Out! was launched in August of 2006 and is his first web comic, it currently updates every Sunday.