Biography: Rose is the resident fashionista and diva of the Assorted NUTS! gang. Like any other rich heiress, she likes fashion, shopping and the finer things in life. She aspires to be a philanthropist like her mother and grandmother while upholding the family motto of “Elegance, Hardwork, Justice and Gorgeousness”. Although she may seem like an applicant for a candidacy for sainthood, she has been known to throw incredible hissy fits and intense rages. Heidrian, the resident brat, finds her amusing and annoys her most of the time so he’s usually on the receiving end of the rage. Aside from shopping she enjoys gardening, helping out with charitable organizations, bowling and playing the viola. As the second oldest female in the Mayflower Manor, she fills the role of the big sister especially towards Dianne, the youngest of the group.

Webcomic name: Assorted NUTS!

Artist: Nick Barrameda

While not working as a webcomic artist, Nick is a freelance graphic artist/animator/web designer working on animated backgrounds for children”s musicals, miscellaneous websites and other stuff that he finds interesting. He has two rabbits, six cats and enjoys chasing chickens for exercise.<

Bikini Designer: Jennifer Q. Go

Also goes by the alias witchiejgo, she”s known for her fantastic earthy fashion designs on Deviantart. She loves leopard prints, designing lingerie and Mandy Moore. She”s a fan of Rose Mayflower and has been designing most of her outfits since day one.