Biography: Emma is a girl of many layers. At first glance she may seem like a normal girl from New York, devoted to her studies and friends in a middle-of-nowhere Maine college. 5 minutes reveals that this devotion is actually just the tip of a horrifyingly neurotic iceburg that consumes everything from worrying about her studies, to accidentally stringing along her neighbor romantically, to insanely far fetched tangents that only she truly expects to happen. She smokes, she’s anything but modest, and there”s nothing she loves more than a good 80’s Slasher movie.

Webcomic Name: Anti-Zombie Army

Author: Brandon “Dubzor” Morgan

Having run the comic and site for 2 years, Brandon has managed to hone his already prominent skills in graphics and design. Oddly enough, his career is based on A/V Tech work at the nations leading Maritime Museum. Even though he doesn’t have much time to work on the comics at home AND have a social life, he loves nothing more than to see the stories unfold on his computer screen while his massive Transformer Collection looks on from display cases and assorted positions around his desk area.