4’10” tall extroverted introvert. She would describe herself a shy nerd but she’s really quite friendly and craves social attention. She feels most in her element when working with ancient artifacts but she still gets sucked into cheesy movies and loves 80’s music. She can be a bit of a snob when it comes to certain things like audio gear and food but she remains humble around her friends. She doesn’t want to believe in the supernatural and has no problem working in the museum late at night by herself but yet she loves being scared by a good ghost story.

WebComic: Wapsi Square

Author: Paul Taylor

Paul began drawing at the awkward age of three and much later discovered the art of visual story telling through his love of movies. Not having grown up around comic books, it was this desire to tell a story in a graphic format that always brewed in the back of his mind. No less of a nerd than his own creations, Paul studied Art History and Photography in college and yet, threw that all aside to take up the noble art of comic creator. This actually wasn’t all as sudden as all of that, but that’s another story for another time. When not working on his comic, Paul can be seen running errands around town with his toddler son or playing at one of the many neighborhood parks.’