Garanos is journeying to find the whereabouts of her fiance, who was kidnapped by mercenaries shortly before their wedding.  When she made a stop in the small village of Kaigan during her search, she became possessed by a vindictive demon known as the Harbinger, which was hidden deep underground.  With help, she managed to purge the demon from her body, but not before it left it”s mark; the scars on her arms and back.

Webcomic: Garanos- a gothic fantasy.

Author: Alex Heberling

Alex hails from Ohio, where she got a BFA in Art & Technology from Ohio State University.  She’s been pursuing the fine craft of drawing since childhood, but got serious about it in 1998, when she found out she liked both writing and illustrating the stories she came up with when not paying attention in class.  Alex started her webcomic career in 2005 with a gag comic called Jigworthy, then began Garanos in 2006.  During her course of study at OSU, she produced 6 more comics (all short-form stories) with four of those being 24 Hour Comics she completed during her final term.