Lana Cartwright is the close friend and old college roommate of Tanya Stevens, Fragile Gravity’s main female protagonist. She’s lovely to look at, but has a nasty temper and a wicked right hook. She’s currently dating Scotty, an English professor with a penchant for solving mysteries and large sandwiches.

WebComic: Fragile Gravity

Artist: Chris Impink

CHRIS IMPINK is the artist and main web monkey for Fragile Gravity. Before picking up the pen for the webcomic, Chris designed t-shirts for various Virginia conventions and, for a while. was the main artist on the “Babylon 5″ role playing game. In those few moments that he”s not working on the comic, Chris works with the Super Art Fight group, organizes the Washington Webtoonists, and keeps the Metro safe from mutant naked mole rats.