Aged 19, blood type AB. Hazel eyes, teal hair (naturally blond). Little else is known about  Hibi outside of her penchant for environmentalism and her love of fashion. To those she deems worthless, she keeps her mind locked tight; even to those whose company she enjoys, information regarding her past life is kept close to her, little about her ever escaping her lips. After all, she, like her new peers at the Institution for Training in the Arts of Death, has a good reason to keep silent.


Artist/Writer: Jessica “Senshuu” Cantlope

Sen spends a lot of time writing and drawing (and combining the two into comics), especially since graduating O’More College of Design in 2008 with a BFA in Graphic Design and honors. Sen also spends a lot of time absorbing many things that she promptly forgets. She tries to infuse those things into her work while they last. She has written a few novels, novellas, and short stories, and spends her free time refining them (or temporarily forgetting they exist). She’s a huge geek about web design and good comics and collects things that gather dust.  Life is art, art is life, and life is long.