An enigma in more ways than one, her name belies her Latino-Irish roots as does her flowing red hair. A mercenary by trade, she usually partners with Alan Corbett and takes almost sadistic delight in annoying him throughout their assignments. While her attitude is carefree  she does get very temperamental with emotions ranging from frustration to pure unadulterated rage at which point she becomes uncontrollable, swearing in a mixture of Spanish and Irish Gaelic which is usually the last thing you”ll hear before you die.

Webcomic: Hard-Graft

Artist/Writer: Peter Vine

PETER VINE is a native from the county of Essex, UK and usually works in IT until he picked up writing comic scripts as a hobby. He works with GERMÁN ERRAMOUSPE who hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina and is the artist for this project. Together they work on bringing Hard Graft to life.