body {} and #sidebar-aboveheader {}

The body element is standard for all websites, it contains the default look and feel of the site which includes the text color and background of the entire area of the browser.

Default elements that are not contained in the body {} but handle the sitewide look and feel are:

  • a
    • The link color.
  • a:hover
    • The link hover color.
  • a:focus
  • a img
  • p
  • img
    • Set’s images max-width to 100% of the available space, it can resize images to fit in whatever css container it needs to.
  • small
  • hr
  • blockquote
  • cite
  • acronym, abbr, span.caps
  • code
  • form
  • input, textarea

Above the regular page of the website there’s a sidebar that is not a part of the restrains. #sidebar-aboveheader is like any of the other sidebars (except sidebar-left/right) where it contains:

  • .customsidebar
  • .sidebar
    • The .sidebar is configurable to be used in the comicpress options.

More about the .sidebar code later.


Widget – Companion / Child Theme Tip

The widget sidebar location Above Header is an excellent place to put a leaderboard advertisement. To do this you drag a text widget into the Above Header sidebar box and copy paste your code into it. The CSS element is #sidebar-aboveheader.

#sidebar-aboveheader {
	margin: 0 auto;
	width: 740px; /* width of your advertisement */