#menubar / #sidebar-menubar

There’s a bit of logic used in the menubar area of the site design. First it defaults with the default menubar turned on and active.  Like all of the sidebar’s #sidebar-menubar will not show unless there’s a widget inside of it.

You can disable the default menubar in the ComicPress Options, this will let you not have it appear if you wish to use the ComicPress Menubar widget and place the menubar in any sidebar area on the side.

#menubar itself has just two unique areas inside of it.

#menubar {
     #menunav {}
     #menu {}

The #menunav area contains the min-navigation, button for RSS and the search box if enabled, while the #menu area contains the home button, dynamically generated menu options based on the pages you create and the possibility of other menubar items if you created a links category called menubar and added links into it.