• 1. Removed extra code inside the index.php file and fixed the pre_get_posts in the functions.php to associate the MAIN QUERY ONLY $query-> properly for posts per page.
  • Basically it removes an extra loop which wasn’t needed.

  • 2 & 3. removed the use of the function easel_display_post() – now using get_template_part(‘content’ ref: see format types (content.php) – added format types, which you can ‘skin’ the post area for the format type that you want to look differently for that particular format
  • content-aside.php content.php content-comic.php content-page.php   basically each ‘content type’ has their own php file (which is basically html), this will allow you to modify those ‘post areas’ display look and feel how you want them to in your child theme… basically copy the content- type file over to the child theme and hack away.  You can also create other ‘content’ types which are commented out in the functions.php like for images and video’s etc if you want specific looks for your post areas for whatever content type you want.

  • 4. rewrote the functions.php to stay with the guidelines of the theme review team as well as implement for post formats
  • n/t

  • 5. revamped how the featured image thumbnail for regular posts displays
  • IN the post info area, to the left of the title, the thumbnail will now display all mini like, instead of above everything, looks keen.

  • 6. revamped the display of the .post-info area of posts in the default style-default.css file
  • in the default style I added some ‘look’ to the post info (the header of  each post) to denote it’s difference from the rest of the post.

  • 7. added opengraph information for making a thumbnail for youtube video’s
  • opengraph = facebook – google, etc.

  • 8. css element #column is now #content to stay correctly in tune with other themes
  • This one is very important to CSS skinners, #column no longer exists and it is now #content, so find-replace inside of your CSS file if you used it. This also paved the way to allow the use of Jetpack’s Infinite scrolling. Which allows people to keep scrolling down the page and new posts will pop up. (along with the post formats change)

    NOTE edit the style.css, search for .post-image

    .post-content .post-image {
    	float: left;
    	display: inline-block;
    	padding: 3px 3px 0;
    	border: solid 1px #ccc;
    	margin: 4px;
    .post-content .post-image img {
    	width: 100px;
    	height: auto;

    Fixes the issue with 3.3 with the post image in the title

    IF you have layout-head.php in your child theme, make sure to change the id=”column” to id=”content” inside of that .php file