Quick Summary of setting up multiple comics with ComicPress 2.9.2

  1. Setup Storylines, the Comic Category will of course be the root.  The storylines you will use will be the comics names.  So create children off the root comic category as the individual comics.
  2. Disable the comic off the front page.
  3. Add latest thumbnail widgets and set those widgets to the appropriate category.  (yes you can do this now) So that the thumbnail for the latest comic thumbnail is for that individual comic.
  4. Drag the Comic Navigation widget into under-comic.   Disable *all* the checkmarks except first in category, next in category previous in category and last in category.  Those particular navigation buttons will let you navigate PER category, the first will go to the first comic in the category, next IN category, and LAST comic in the category, etc..
  5. Post the comic into the appropriate storyline category, remember 1 category per comic post, that being the comic you want to post it in.

And that’s it.   There’s still the 1 comic post per day, but you knew that.     If you look on https://frumph.net you will see that I have a Rascal Comic and a Pinups comic both with their own navigation.

If you plan on wanting each comic to have their own site, realistically you should, then WordPress 3.0’s Multi-Site feature is what you are really looking for and it’s very easy to setup.

Have fun!

– Phil