ComicPress Premium is beginning its Closed Beta Phase of development. Many new features are fully functional, and now bug testing is needed. If you have experience with ComicPress Legacy, WordPress 2.9 and 3.0-beta, you may be one of the people we are looking for.

Beta Tester will get the chance to improve the end user experience of Comicpress by aiding the developers in finding bug, and suggestion improvements in the Comicpress Premium system. With this opportunity come the ability to start using and developing child themes for Comicpress Premium before the Official release.


  1. Clean, easily styled theme
  2. Choice of 5 page layouts (Standard, 3-Column, Vertical, Vertical 3-Column, Graphic Novel)
  3. Full comic navigation first, previous, next and last as well as chapter navigation (accessible navigation above the comic)
  4. 5 archive page templates for displaying your archives (in addition to WordPress native archiving)
  5. Built-in comic transcription • Comic specific Widgets to customize sidebars
  6. Support for threaded comments
  7. Infinite hierarchy storylines (categorize by volumes and chapters to any depth level)
  8. Multiple Comic Posts per day
  9. Custom Comic Post Type
  10. Custom Storyline Taxonomy
  11. Use Wordspress Media Manager to manage Comic Images.
  12. Compatible with most Comicpress 2.9 child themes.
  13. Buy Prints Functions.
  14. Post Thumbnail Compatible.


  1. WordPress 3.0

Beta Tester Application: