WordPress has a nifty little feature that you can specify a specific category alone to show the feeds with.

(if you’re using pretty permalinks)

for example, johnn saturn’s normal feed is:  http://johnnysaturn.com/feed/ – that will display the comics, the blogs and everything it can in one big open feed.

However if you want to see *just* his comic feed it would be: http://johnnysaturn.com/category/comics/feed/

That will display the feed for *just* the comics category.  Give it a try on your site, like:  http:// yoursite.com / category / <comicscategoryname> / feed /

My feed for Anomaly comic : http://anomaly.frumph.net/category/webcomic/feed/

I use the “webcomic” category for the comics so ^ putting that in will show just the category webcomic feed.

This works best with pretty permalinks btw.   Best permalink setting is /%category%/%postname%/  if you don’t have that as the permalink then change it, cause google and yahoo and other engines *hate* the permalinks that look like dates.

– Phil