== Changelog ==
= 4.1 =
* Added LGN and RGN (3 column) layouts back into ComicPress, layout-head.php and layout-foot.php updated
* Fixed problem with customizer not setting defaults
* Added #footer a, #footer a:hover and footer textcolor entries to the customizer which were missing
* Boxed scheme w/blue background image is now the default design
* added sidebar.php as a default to handle plugins that need it
* added missing .uentry entries for search.php
* Changed the footer widgets to be specific widths instead of percent
* New browser window/tab when clicking social links in the menubar
* Titles no longer link on pages, static or otherwise
* Regenerated .pot/.mo files
* Readded the default height and width for the custom header image in case the auto-sensing one doesn’t work
* The home link .menu-item-home and the downarrows in the menubar can now all be skinned, i.e. replaced with your own images if you want to; I left examples inside the style.css for the home button
* Calendar widget removed for ComicPress; since Comic Easel has one, will re-add in a newer version when I update it to the new WordPress code; otherwise it’s a liability until then
* Options to allow changing media content width in posts and pages
* a couple spelling fixes
* option to change the media width inside posts
* fix for 2 column wide layouts having that extra wide sidebar (that was a bug)
* random default avatar adjustments to work with facebook commenting / as user
* a plethora of author page fixes/adjustments

NOTE: layout-2clw, 2rcw   (2 column wide) layouts were NOT supposed to have sidebars at 308px, that was a bug, it is now fixed


Testers/Translators can find the download here: https://github.com/Frumph/comicpress
Bug reports can be made here: https://github.com/Frumph/comicpress/issues