Comic Easel is coming out very shortly, i’m going to be  posting some premlinary screenshots for people to look at who haven’t seen it yet.
Just to remind people, Comic Easel is *not* an upgrade to ComicPress, it’s a whole new CMS system for handling comics and their posts.

Posting is just like you would a regular blog post, but inside the post editor for that post is a place to ‘attach’ whatever comic (*or*) comics to the post itself.

You can create as many different comic chapters as you want, each one is its own ‘comic’ so to speak, so you can have as many comics as you want.  They all navigate entirely within themselves.

You can keep track of what the characters are in each comic as well as what location they are in as well.   It will archive and show individually say every comic that was shown at the science facility for example.

Since comics are ‘attached’ to the post itself and not by the ‘date’ of the comic, you can have unlimited comics uploaded per day, unlimited comic storylines as well posted per day and pretty much unlimited comics per post too!

– Phil