Before you go screaming bloody murder. ^ As you see in the featured image of this post, my new project is called Comic Easel.

Highlights of Comic Easel & Easel:

  • Comic Easel is a Plugin, that injects your comic into *any* WordPress theme.
  • The Easel theme uses the base ComicPress CSS so your old child-themes will still be compatible.
  • There is *NO* configuration of setting up Comic Easel, you install the plugin and can upload a comic right away.
  • Everything is setup to be highly intuitive to adding comics and your comic posts.
  • Unlimited comics per day, per chapter.  Add a comic anytime you want.
  • Additional plugins and addons work with Comic Easel – Portfolio Easel, Art Easel, Design Easel, Game Easel, Podcast Easel, Showcase.
  • Quite a bit of ComicPress 2.9.2.* is integrated into Comic Easel, however it is streamlined to be faster, easier to deal with and less confusing to the end user.
  • What about multilingual support?  Yes, Comic Easel has that, you can upload a comic per-language, and on determination of the users browser language setting it will output the comic of choice.

Okay so whats with the name change?   The name change is basically because Comic Easel is *not* a direct upgrade of ComicPress.  It’s a whole new product that advances far beyond what ComicPress is currently capable of.

What about ComicPress 2.9.2.* ?  I’m still updating the 2.9.2.* series of ComicPress to make sure all of it’s users still have a site that is up to date with WordPress with bug fixes, etc.


As you can see in this graphic, Comic Easel is it’s *own* area, everything is integrated into a central location.  Any addon’s that you might get like the cast or location addons auto-integrate directly into the dashboard areas., you don’t have to do anything special besides add the addon itself.

Uploading a comic is pretty much how it was done previously with ComicPress, you upload a comic and it creates a post with your options.  However, as said the comics are now attached to the post itself and not read via the directory by date, which means unlimited comics per day, per whatever chapter/book/story you assign it to.

The *key* to Comic Easel is ease of use.   I’ve been developing Comic Easel so that its very simple and end-users will not have the headaches involved with understanding what to do to add their comic to their website.