The plugin certification process involves an in depth review of the source code.   It is checked for any possible vulnerabilities that could put your site at risk. 

After the certification process is complete, any discrepancies will be sent to the plugin author.   If communication with Author of plugin does not result in the plugin being fixed then the plugin will be available on this site modified and clean of any vulnerabilities.

To get a plugin certified

Leave a comment on this page/site, email me, or find me on twitter @frumph  to which plugin you would like to have certified.

A plugin will be certified if it:

  • Not contain any errors/warnings/notices or deprecated messages.
  • Does not contain any security vulnerabilities.
  • Utilizes the latest WordPress code and functionality.

Currently certified (13) plugins, all authors have gladly accepted the changes to their code so they’re on the repository.

This is a FREE service, although donations of course are accepted.