* Adding a ‘resources’ tab to the comic -> config that contains informational links for things such as webcomic lists, vendors for things like buttons and t-shirts, collective links, webcomic news sites and more; so that they can be available to webcomic authors in a quick-easy location to find if they are starting out as new comic authors or veterans.

* Adding a new default tab that will explain comic easel and add information such as sponsored by for those who have donated during that time of release and such.

* Adding tabs for companies and/or sites that want to give special prices to comic easel users or sponsor the developement.

Yes i’m monetizing with a little advertising space. No i’m not selling out to any company or corporation.


* Making jquery left and right arrows i.e. left and right arrows that appear over the comic when you mouse over the comic and/or something that will automatically create the buttons w/out jquery on the sides

* More lamens/easier to understand guide on how to integrate Comic Easel into other themes.

* Return of Hovertext w/graphics like the old ComicPress smiley

* Integrate more usage of the Locations taxonomy by allowing an image to be added to the description of it so that when you click on the /locations/location-slug it will display that image and description and all the comics that were at that location /comicpress only/


* Contact other theme authors and help them integrate Comic Easel into their themes so there are more default comicpress themes available

* Finish ComicPress’s AND Easel’s next release


This is all I can think of at the moment .. If you have something you want on the wishlist please tell me.