Persephone is a living contradiction; a Nobel laureate mathematician, and a powerful sorceress. Wealthy from her many patents, she commands tremendous power, having combined her Dadaist mathematical formulas with chaos magic. Time and space are hers to bend, but that does not mean she always gets what she wants.

WebComic:  Johnny Saturn

Author’s: Scott and Benita Story

SCOTT STORY is a freelance illustrator who lives in the Midwestern USA. He has been involved in the comic industry for over a decade, and has drawn comics for many publishers, such as Image, Amp, Digital Webbing, and others. In the field of webcomics, Scott has done work at Graphic Smash and Stan Lee’s Sunday Funnies at Komikwerks. Although Scott originally began in comics as a penciler, he now also inks, colors, letters, and writes. Scott is known for his professionalism and for always meeting and beating deadlines. Outside of comics, Scott has produced art for a wide range of customers, including for the music, advertising, and gaming industries, and he is proficient in a wide range of artistic mediums. While always interested in traditional media, such as water colors, colored pencils, oils, acrylics, and the like, Scott also has a passion for Photoshop and digital media. He is self-taught.

BENITA STORY has been writing for a very long time (since she was 7, in fact).  In late 2003, when Scott mentioned he wanted to draw a story that he would like to read, Benita teamed up with him and together they created Johnny Saturn and the world surrounding him.  Since then, she has become the half of the writing team that brings in the human element to the stories, taking them from being two-dimensional superheroes and vigilantes to being people with histories, families, and lives away from the world of crime-fighting.  Benita also plays editor to Scott’s art and is responsible for most of the final dialog as she letters each issue.  Together with Scott, Benita enjoys playing “what-if” and thinking up scenarios that no one would see coming.