MRS. ADDANAC is probably the smartest person in her household. She’s the epitome of a perfect mother (just so long as you ignore her neuroses).

She works at a real-estate agency, which is perfect for her because nearly everyone in the neighborhood wants to put their house on the market in attempts to escape from her misbehaving son, Hank.

She tries her darnedest to be the best mom she can be, but keeping Hank in line is a full-time job in itself. You can imagine all of the times she has had to leave work early due to some infraction Hank has committed in school. Prinicpal Argent has her cell phone number on speed-dial!

And to make things even more difficult, she has an enterprising husband who has a knack for getting into trouble, too. You can bet life ain’t easy for this community’s favorite hot mom.


“George Ford is the creator of the webcomic series ‘Addanac City’ which showcases seven-year-old Hank Addanac and the other hapless town citizens as he traipses thru life antagonizing his family, friends, school officials, and the community-at-large. The strip updates every day.

Aside from creating ‘Addanac City’, Ford works as a University Student Services Coordinator ans also as a freelance graphic artist. He enjoys reading, painting, and watching an extensive amount of NetFlix. Ford, a Virginia native, now resides in Southern California with his wife and two children.”

George Ford