Not much of a person to care about whether or not someone says a good thing about me, although being appreciated for what I ‘love’ to do gives me a huge warm fuzzy feeling.

This guy Fleen, aka Gary Tyrrell has a blog that gives out news on the webcomic community. What I like about his blog is it’s to the point, it doesn’t hold punchs and it does *not* fabricate it’s evidence.

I finally found his twitter and decided to follow him, .. of course you know me if someone doesn’t follow me back I just remove them from my follow list. So while removing him off the list I took a good time looking over his latest posts and damn, I saw my name!

“Another guy doing a lot of good for the community? Frumph (or Philip M. Hofer if you’re his mom).” … READ MORE

^ Actually my mom calls me “her little baby”. Sometimes it irks me, sometime’s I shrug it off, anyways (I am the youngest of 6 even though I turned 40 today). I do appreciate everyone on twitter doing shout outs when I help them out and even though I did nothing for Fleen this blurb of his gives me a big warm fuzzy inside.

Here’s to you Fleen, thanks for the shoutout.  You’re still off my follow list you no-following-back punk.

– Phil