Hey everyone,  today John Bintz the mastermind of Comicpress Manager, ComicPress dev team associate and my mentor in all things wordpress has setup a repository for ComicPress 2.8 beta.  Tyler Martin, Myself and John Bintz all have access to a single working area where we can make adjustments without worry of conflicting with each other, which will bring the release sooner. *yay*

It has also been decided that there will *not* be a premium theme.   The released version will be the whole big kaboom with all the features.

The download area http://www.coswellproductions.com/comicpress-2.8/builds/ is auto-generated every hour if there are changes to the build.

If you wish to have a a copy, go ahead and download, if you find any php errors, text mispellings or grammar errors or even want a feature you can find us in a number of different places.

Remember *THESE* are beta downloads and you use at your own risk to your system and you are downloading possible broken software.  However, it is my every intention to make sure the changes do not get committed to the repository unless I know they work here on my end first.

– Philip M. Hofer (Frumph)