#page {} / #page-wide

These elements are what constrains your contents width. For the Standard and Vertical layouts it uses the #page and for all of the others it uses #page-wide.

<br />
<p>#page {<br />
	width: 780px;<br />
	margin: 0px auto;<br />
<p>#page-wide {<br />
	width: 980px;<br />
	margin: 0px auto;<br />
}<br />

If you edit the width of the site make sure you remember to change the width of .narrowcolumn to compensate either larger or small width.


Companion / Child Theme Tip

For designing your site whatever background you put into the #page and #page-wide will fill your entire sites content area.

<br />
#page, #page-wide {<br />
	background: #ccc;<br />
}<br />